Koukoutsi Olive Herbal Soap


Exfoliating body soap. With olive stone. Offers exfoliation and detoxification of the skin from daily pollutants.

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The inspiration for KOUKOUTSI is the kernel of the olive fruit (Olea europaea). According to mythology, the goddess Athena donated to the Athenians and sprouted where she struck her spear, during the struggle between the gods for the promotion of the protector of the citizens of Athens. Homer called olive oil “the liquid gold of the diet.” Aristotle considered the cultivation of olives a science, while Hippocrates used its oil as a medicine.

KOUKOUTSI consists of exfoliating olive stone ideal for the body.

Gives cleanliness and shine.

* Dermatologically Tested
* All our products have been tested & manufactured by a dermatologist
* With Active Ingredients
* For immediate action & result
* Natural Ingredients
* Skin friendly with 97% natural ingredients

Koukoutsi Olive Herbal Soap