Wax ointment PANACEA 10ml


Help your body heal properly and smoothly, just as you need it!

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Ideal for bumps, scratches, stings, burns and irritations. With the synergy of natural cannabis terpenes and CBD. Ingredients: Cannabis extract [Cannabis sativa L., variety Futura 75], calendula [Calendula officinalis L.], lavender [Levandula angustifolia Mill.], Achillea [Achillea millefolium L.], beeswax and hemp cannabis essential oil [Can , variety Futura 75]. All herbs and beeswax are certified organic and hemp of our own production, collected by hand. The extracts of all the herbs have been made in organic extra virgin olive oil AEONS cold pressed.

Manufactured and packaged in Thrace by THRACO IKE
CPNP REF: 3226819.
In “pocket” packaging so that we can we have it with us everywhere.
Wax ointment PANACEA 10ml