CBD EXTRACT 3% (300mg) 10ml, THC <0.2%


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Description: The full-spectrum extract contains all the beneficial ingredients of cannabis in one bottle. Product from 100% Organic Hemp of Greek production. Contains: CBD + CBDa 3% (300mg / 10ml) Raw | Not Decarboxylated, THC < 0.2%. In Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Magnesia (Aeons Exclusive) with natural Terpenes (A-Pinene 19.1%, B-Myrcene 7.3%, B-Pinene 4.5%, Limonene 1.1%), Flavonoids, Phenols, Vitamins and Chlorophyll. Properties: The oily extract has not been heated (raw, not decarboxylated), this means that it contains Cannabidiol in raw form (Cannabidiolic acid, CBDa) which has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and helps fight pain. Give yourself the whole range of cannabinoids and the complete natural profile of the plant terpenes, which ensures the synergistic therapeutic effect (entourage effect), as well as all the beneficial effect of the dozens of other ingredients that include: chlorophyll (which contributes to bitter taste but has important anti-inflammatory properties) but also flavonoids, phenols, vitamins (A, B, C, E) and amino acids (which are antioxidants and strengthen the immune system). Use: Replenish and balance your diet and immune system with the full range of CARE DROPS organic cannabis extract from CANNABIO. Ideal for VEGAN diet. Note: in case of medication it is recommended to take the oil 2 hours before / after. & nbsp;

CBD EXTRACT 3% (300mg) 10ml, THC <0.2%